Thursday, February 24, 2011

YAY! I got a new office chair :)

I've posted before about how much I needed a new office chair - well, I broke down last week and ordered one from Office Depot, and I LOVE it! This is the one I got:

I has a $30 gift card I'd won in an IWG (my son had one too that he gave to me), plus it was on sale and I had a coupon, so it made this chair VERY affordable. I figured that even though I'd only need a B&T chair for a few more months, it would still be comfortable after I lost weight so why not? Plus the price was comparable to "regular" office chairs, which was a pleasant surprise. As much time as I spend in this chair, I wanted to get something that would be comfortable, well-made and last... so if it's made to support 350#, it should hold me no problem :)

It took me awhile to put it together - holy moly, this sucker is HEAVY! - but it was pretty straightfoward. My only complaint? I ordered the black, but got the expresso brown (when I called they were out of black). The stitching is a contrasting tan color, which makes the chair feel cheap (to me). Other than that, I'm thrilled with my purchase!

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