Thursday, March 3, 2011

Copper Llama - Allsop Home & Garden Solar Garden Art and Himalayan Salt Lamp giveaways

People tease me for entering so many giveaways, but one of the things they don't understand is that I actually follow most of the blogs I enter giveaways on, and I love finding new blogs to read. I got lucky about a week or so ago, and saw a tweet for a contest that caught my eye, which introduced me to a new blog, Copper Llama. Their tagline is: Just a bit of this and a bit of that. Eco Friendly, Re-Usable, Recycled, Organic and Interesting Product Reviews and Giveaways.

I read a few of their old reviews and I like their writing style, and the types of products they review. I'm looking forward to reading more postings from Jamie :)

The tweet that caught my eye is for a Firefly™ Originals piece of garden art from Allsop Home & Garden. I love that it's not only beautiful, but has a solar cell and LED light so you can enjoy it at night as well :) The one I picked (if I'm lucky enough to win) is the Blue Poppy. I love the color :) There are lots of others to choose from, in several colors and styles. This giveaway ends on the 6th and there are lots of ways to gain entry (plus, unlimited tweets!)

Another giveaway on Copper Llama that I saw was for a Salt Lamp from the Himalayan Salt Shop. I've been wanting one of these for my bedroom forever, not only for their cleansing properties, but I think it would be an awesome night light (yes, I sleep with a night light) and my friends wouldn't tease me about having this in my bedroom :) This giveaway ends on the 14th and like the garden art, there are lots of entry options along with unlimited tweets!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

3 Pink Dandy Chatter giveaways ending tonight - BHCosmetics, EatSmart and Nutra Luxe MD

Pink Dandy Chatter is a blog I've discovered recently that I love. From their "About Me" page:

Pink Dandy is a spin off company of Raw Beauty that was created by Janae Chang in 2004. What really sets Pink Dandy apart from other bath and beauty products is that we maintain consistent quality in each and every product, ensure that our products are made with rich, natural ingredients and are knowledgeable about our customers wants and needs in skincare and candle products.

Pink Dandy not only enriches ones skin and soul, but, is also created in fun and playfully designed packaging. Pink Dandy’s promise is to always provide you with Vegan Friendly products that are Cruelty Free and contain No Phthalates. Enjoy and embrace the skin you’re born with and pamper it to the fullest with Pink Dandy’s gourmet bath and beauty products.

Their blog is a mix of reviews, recipes and giveaways that I really enjoy. They have 3 giveaways ending tonight that I've entered:

Third Edition 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette from BHCosmetics. Priced at under $35, this is an AMAZING value. so even if I don't win one I think I'll buy one to treat myself :)

Infusor Sonic Wrinkle Remover System from Nutra Luxe MD. As much as I hate to admit it, I AM aging and I've had puffiness around my eyes for longer than I care to admit, so this would be an amazing win :)

Digital Bathroom Scale from EatSmart. I'd love to win this, so I could track my weight loss progress at home, instead of waiting for my monthly weigh-ins at the nutritionist's office.