Saturday, December 4, 2010

Home Constuction & Improvement - Expert Home Improvement Advice

Home Construction & Improvement is a website providing expert advice on every aspect of home construction and home improvement. The site was created by Todd Fratzel, who is a a licensed professional engineer in several states with a background in civil engineering, structural engineering and residential and commercial building construction.

He started the site to share his wealth of knowledge, not only from an engineer's perspective, but from the DIYer who also owns his own home, is raising a family and knows about construction and and contractors.

I like the site because it allows me to ask questions about the growing list of projects I want to do around the house, and I can search their forums to see discussions on everything from porches to basement insulation.

Paslode is offering one lucky reader of Home Construction & Improvement the chance to win a CF-325 Cordless Framing Nailer!

Todd did a review of this nailer and it sounds like a great item to have - especially since I'm looking at rebuilding both our front and back decks in the next year or so :( Having a tool like this would make the difference on whether I would attempt to do it myself (with my son, of course - make him earn his car insurance) or hire it out. I'd also be able to use it to build that storage shed that I need :)

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