Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Winsday!

Things seem to be winding down during these last couple of days of 2010, and life is slowly getting back to normal - not sure if it's the aftermath of the holiday, or the fact that the thermostat outside is rising (today's high is supposed to be 45, with 60's this weekend WOOHOO!).

I got home last night and my son was knocked OUT, and my driveway was completely cleared. It must have taken him all afternoon to do it, since it was pretty well packed down and mostly ice. I wonder how he'll feel when he realizes if he'd waited until today, it would have probably all melted away? LOL

I've entered a couple of giveaways ending today. The Bragging Mommy is giving away a $50 gift certificate to (billed as America's #1 blinds store). I had never heard of them before this giveaway and when I looked at their site, I couldn't believe how affordable their blinds are! I'm especially interested in their blackout blinds for the bedrooms, since they're on the east side of the house and it drives us both crazy that on the occasions that we can sleep in, we don't because the sunlight comes streaming through the windows! I also like that the company says these blinds help insulate the windows (which means lower heating costs). Even though my windows are pretty well insulated, on those cold days the glass itself gets very cold, and I know that's a point of heat loss. Anything that can help keep my home warmer and lower my heating costs is definitely OK in my book! I also love these faux wood blinds for my living room, and at $62 each they're much less expensive than others I've priced. I also like that I can order a free sample, to make sure I get the right wood tone to match the trimwork in my living room. I'm also thinking about these Sheerweave Solar Shades instead. I love that they come in a variety of patterns, which gives the windows a real custom look. The Alabaster would really compliment the fabric I've chosen for the drapery fabric. I'm going to order a few free samples, so I can see what will work best. I signed up on their website for their email list, and the confirmation says they'll offer sales info, helpful tips and coupons so I look forward to that.

The Mommy-Files is hosting a giveaway for a beautiful 1/10 Carat TW Sirena Solitaire Diamond Pendant, sponsored by Helzberg Diamonds. This pendant is gorgeous, and just my style - not too overstated, and I love white gold. I also know that since it's a Helzberg diamond, that I'll be getting a quality gemstone. I've been in their store at Hanes Mall a few times and admired many of the pieces they carry. Their "bugundy boxes" are well-known in this area as a sign of quality.

Cincinnati Coupons is offering a $50 gift certificate to IGIGI. Anyone who knows me, knows I love IGIGI clothes. They're not just clothes made in plus sizes, they're specifically tailored to flatter the various types of plus-size figures (like hourglass, inverted triangle, oval, rectangle, etc.). For example, I'm an oval... so clothes that call attention to my waist don't look great on me, I need something that falls from the bustline, and then skims my hips to camoflauge my tummy. I also love that their clothes aren't trendy... they really are investment pieces that will be in your wardrobe for years to come. IGIGI is also now offering lots of great accessory pieces, so if I win this I'm not sure if I want to put it towards a new dress, or maybe treat myself to this Athena ring. Decisions, decisions.

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