Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Missed #BlogHer10? Here's your chance to win a Grand-Prize Gift Box from BluFairy!

If you're like me, you missed #BlogHer10, but Out of the Blue Delivered and CommXPERTS.com are offering EVERYONE the chance to win one of their fabulous Grand Prize Gift Boxes! Here is your chance to have your very own #BlogHer10 swag!

Grand Prize Gift Box includes:

•iPhone Solar Charger for the iPhone 3G/3GS
•How Do You Pico – T-Shirt
•Assorted Cellular Accessories
•Card Cubby Organizer of winner’s choice
•Coupon Cubby Organizer of winner’s choice

Out of the Blue Delivered specializes in gifts and care packages…especially for the tough stuff in life.

CommXPERTS.com specializes in Consumer Electronic Products, such as iPhone Solar Chargers, Handheld Laser Pico Projectors and other Wireless specialty products.

Entry is very easy, and the giveaway ends 8-31.

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