Thursday, August 19, 2010

Energizer Smart Charger & Target Gift Card Giveaway! (Everyone Wins!)

I got a blog post today from J. leigh designz for an awesome giveaway! Energizer is offering up a $15 Target gift card and Energizer Smart Charger to anyone who posts a blog about one of these topics:

  • Recapping your encounter with Smart ChargHers at BlogHer
  • Review of any Energizer charger and/or Energizer rechargeable batteries
  • Why you think an Energizer Smart Charger would make your life easier

I think an Energizer Smart Charger would make my life easier in SOOO many ways. I'm astounded at the number of items that I own that run on batteries, and with a teenage boy in the house you KNOW we go through batteries like candy. Having a Smart Charger in the house would allow me to save money, as well as the environment, and ensure that I always had freshly charged batteries available for the TV remotes, mp3 players, Xbox controllers, remote-control cars, clock radios, calculators, noise-control headphones...the list goes on, and on.

Invariably we're making a drugstore run late at night because the remote has died and there's something on TV we're dying to see, or there's a storm and the flashlights are dead, so having this on hand would really give us piece of mind as well as make our lives easier!

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