Saturday, August 14, 2010

ViCera Ceramic Cutlery - Chef's Knife Review & Giveaway

ViCera Cutlery is giving 1 lucky Survey Junkie reader a Chef's Knife. Ends 8-14

Features of ViCera Cutlery are:

•Sharp Cut - Ideal for cutting boneless meat, bread, fruits, vegetables, pastries and more
•Enjoy the true taste of food - Because of ceramic's chemical neutrality, no harmful interaction occurs between the ceramic and the food wen they come into contact. Ceramic also, will not discolor.
•Lightweight - ViCera ceramic knives weigh half of what a traditional or stainless steel knife weighs. Making them easier to handle and use.
•Double Bevel Blade - makes knives suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users.
•Easy to Clean - Wash with soap and warm water
•Won't Stain or Rust - Ceramic is not metal, therefore it will never rust. ViCera™ cutlery is made from pure Japanese zirconia ceramic. The particles in the ceramic are ultra-minute and produce a blade that is extremely smooth and stain resistant.

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