Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gear Up For Summer: Zuvo Water Filtration System (ARV $300!) Review & Giveaway

As part of their Gearing Up for Summer, A Mom's Balancing Act is offering their readers a chance to win a Zuvo Water Filtration System. ARV: $299.99. Drink pure, clean water and eliminate the wastefulness of bottled water, all at the same time! There will be 1 winner, and the giveaway ends 8-25

From the sponsor's website:
The Zuvo Water Purator™ uses a patented five-step process to produce clean, healthy, great tasting water...just the way nature intended!

Step 1: Ozonation
The Zuvo Water Purator mixes ozone with incoming tap water to treat taste and odor contaminants and improve taste. Like chlorine, ozone is a powerful oxidizer. Unlike chlorine, ozone leaves no chemical residue.

Step 2: Ultraviolet Light
The ozone saturated water is flooded with high-intensity UV light - the same as the solar energy that cleans water in the upper atmosphere.

Step 3: Photo-oxidation
The Zuvo Water Purator combines UV and ozone in a patented process known as photo-oxidation which releases powerful oxidizers to further treat the water.

Step 4: filtration with lead removal
Pure spring water is created by passing through fine particles in the earth. Zuvo uses the same principle by passing water through a Class 1 Particulate Reduction Filter, reducing chlorine taste and odor, lead, and tiny particulates.

Step 5: post-filtration UV
The filtered water is again exposed to high-intensity UV light as it leaves the Zuvo Water Purator, ensuring that you get clean, healthy, great tasting water...just the way nature intended!

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