Monday, March 28, 2011


I was sent a sample SALONPAS patch from a twitter party a few months ago. I recently had a reason to use it, and I was surprised at how well it worked! I have degenerative arthritis in my knees and there are times when the pain is debilitating. The SALONPAS patch helped relieve the pain - while it wasn't gone completely, it was significantly better and I was able to resume my normal activities. The patch stayed on well, yet was easy to remove. There was a faint medicinal odor but it wasn't overwhelming.

I had never heard of this product before the last Twitter party, but now I'm a believer. I've already made a note to pick some up when I go shopping this weekend.

SALONPAS is sponsoring another Twitter party tonight, and there's a link where you can sign up for a free sample to try it for yourself!

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