Sunday, January 30, 2011

2 MomSpotted giveaways ending tonight - Tyson Any'tizers and Morton Salt

Jennifer at MomSpotted has 2 great giveaways ending tonight that I've entered. The first is sponsored by Tyson Any’tizers. One lucky reader will win 5 free product coupons (each up to $8.99 in value). I warn you, visiting her post will make you hungry! My son loves their Buffalo Style Hot Wings as well as their Pork Mini Ribs and Stuffed Chicken Pepperoni Minis, so if I won this giveaway he'd be over the moon! These aren't just great for a party, they also make a good after-school snack, easy dinner entree, or easy dorm food for those late-night study sessions.

The second is for a Morton Salt Prize pack that contains a wide variety of their salt products, like grinders, seasoned salt and natural sea salt. While I have been watching my sodium content by eliminating most processed foods and hidden salt sources (like ketchups, pickles, Ramen, jarred spaghetti sauce, Raisin Bran, etc.) I still use a fair amount of salt in my cooking. The difference is, I know how much salt I'm putting in my food, and I'm not using it to mask flavor, but to enhance it. I also use salt for other things, like soaking my greens (salted water will kill the bugs), making an awesome foot scrub, and even a sore throat gargle. This would be another great giveaway to win :)

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