Monday, December 6, 2010

Several great giveaways from Being Alison - You can eat, drink, watch movies and then get back into shape!!

It seems like I haven't entered one of Being Alison's giveaways in a looong time, now all of the sudden every day there's a new one I've entered! Right now, I've entered into these great giveaways:

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved for the Xbox Kinect. I need something else to add to my exercise routine - my weight loss is going a lot sloooower than I'd hoped.

$50 Visa gift card, as part of Swanson's Great Stuffing Debate that I blogged about here. There's TONS of bloggers running these giveaways right now!

A Roku HD Player. I've been reading about these all over, and I can't wait to own one. Maybe I'll get lucky!

A $100 e-GC to MyWinesDirect - just in time for all those holiday parties! The best part is everyone who enters the giveaway will get a $20 e-GC!

I'm wondering what goodie today's blog posts will bring?

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