Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve Eve - wins, giveaways, and Walmart SUCKS

Only 2 days until Christmas! Well, a little less than 2 days, technically. I thought I'd be immune to the craziness leading up to the holiday since I'd managed to win most of my Christmas presents for friends and family this year... but then I decided to help out on The Bloggess. I've spent the better part of the last 2 days trying to get items ordered and mailed to some families less fortunate. Everything has gone smoothly, except for the clothing I ordered for 1 family from Walmart..... thanks a LOT, Walmart. Now I remember why I hate you.

I can't believe I spent literally HOURS on their website, trying to find items that were in stock and available to ship... entered the family's address for the ship-to, paid extra for 1 day delivery (because they need 2-3 days for processing... WTF?) so it would be there by the 24th.... only to check my order status last night, and find out they're shipping it all to me. *bangs head on desk* Several phone calls later, no way to stop it... so I ended up having to paypal the $ to the person who posted, who will shop for the family, and I have 4 packages on their way to my house over the next 2 days that I'll have to refuse.

On a happier note, everything I ordered from Amazon has either gotten to their families, or will be there today and tomorrow, although I don't know how Amazon makes any money. I have free Prime on my account, so I sent everything I could that way. Amazon is sending 1 box of crayons 2nd day air. I kid you not. *SMH*

I was hoping that helping out on The Bloggess would help me feel a bit more festive, but honestly I hate Christmas and can't wait for the whole damn thing to be over. But at least I feel a little better when I read that blog and know there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of families who won't hate Christmas as much as I do because they were either able to help someone else, or they got a little help for themselves.

I did get a couple of great wins yesterday. Kristin @ Take It From Me picked me as the winner of her ShaToBu Shapewear giveaway - a very welcome win, and something I will definitely get a LOT of use out of. Laura @ New Age Mama picked me as the winner of her Home Pro By Design giveaway. It seems silly to be excited about cleaning supplies, but I am (especially the kitchen and bathroom items). Mimi @ Marvelous Mom Reviews picked me as the winner of her Fashion To Figure giveaway, which is for a Bolero, Jeans and a Skirt! YAY! My clothes are too big, so winning this is a definite blessing!

There is a couple of blog giveaways ending today that I've entered...

Real Mom, Real Views is giving away an EatSmart Precision Digital Kitchen Scale. No need to tell you how much I'd love to win this. I've been struggling the last couple of days sticking to my diet - not just the portion control, but the endless food at work, the Harry & David Moose Munch and Truffles that arrived on my doorstep... *sigh* Although the scale can't help with the Moose Munch, it will definitely help me with the portion control which I desperately need.

Cocktails with Mom is giving away a set of curtains from CurtainWorks. I really need curtains for my office, so this would be great to win. I think I like these the best, and they would go with the color of the paint I picked out.

Lastly, Lisa @ Frugal Family Fun is giving away a $75 Sears gift card. We shop at Sears all the time (I love this one brand of laundry soap they carry, plus I'm always needing tools or something for the house) so this would definitely come in handy.

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