Sunday, November 7, 2010

Don't forget today is Daylight Savings Time!

Just a reminder that today you were supposed to set your clocks back an hour (so, 3am became 2am).... which means daybreak occurs earlier in the day (YAY!) and by 6:30pm it's dark out *grumble*

Most newer phones, computers, etc. will do this automatically, but my cellphone needed to be manually updated (it's still on the old DST schedule), as well as the microwave, stove, clock radio, etc.

I can't believe how dark it is outside already. It REALLY makes me wish I win the Fireplace being given away from that ends tonight. Instead of putting it in my bedroom, I could put it in the office, so while I'm on the computer at night I could enjoy the warm glow of a crackling fire. Plus, with 2 variable settings (750 & 1500 watt) and a flame dimmer, I could control the amount of heat and light provided. Heck, I might NEVER leave my office! LOL

Seriously though... I've got the wall of bookcases, I could add the fireplace, and turn it into a study/library. I spend more time in here than my bedroom, so I'd enjoy the fireplace more.... plus, since it's wall-mounted, it wouldn't take up any floor space. I can see it now... snow falling outside, me curled up in my fav chair with a book and my comforter, with the fireplace going, a cup of hot tea on the sidetable (next to the remote for the fireplace, so I can adjust the light and heat). What a lovely way to spend an afternoon :)

Here's a thought - I might win it and love it so much that I buy a second one, then I could have one in both my office AND my bedroom! SCORE!!

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